Caldwell trustee candidate drops election challenge

Toni Waters, a Caldwell School District trustee candidate who lost by four votes in a race where five votes were improperly cast, is dropping her legal challenge to the election.

"It is going to cost me money and time that I don't have for a volunteer position," she told the Idaho Statesman on Monday.

She estimated she could face thousands of dollars in legal costs, including possibly paying to rerun the election..

Waters is a physical education instructor at Madison Heights Elementary School in the Middleton School District.

She ran against Zone 2 incumbent Thomas Briten, who defeated her by four votes. However, five ballots were cast from Zone 1 by mistake, county officials said.

Waters was hoping a district judge would hold a hearing and make a decision. But at a June hearing, 3rd District Judge Christopher Nye advised her to get a lawyer.

She said she was also told she would have to file a lawsuit.

The election was held on May 19.