Concordia law school launches media campaign to attract students, inform community

Boise’s Concordia University School of Law is raising its profile just weeks after the American Bar Association gave it provisional approval, which means graduates are eligible to take the bar exam.

Over the next couple of months, Concordia law, which has about 100 students, will use social media, newspapers, billboards and local radio stations to encourage students to enroll and to better acquaint itself with the community.

“We wanted to make sure we reached all the key stakeholder groups,” said Madeline Turnock, a spokeswoman for Concordia University, based in Portland.

Concordia’s law school opened in 2012 and sought approval from the American Bar Association in August 2014. The ABA delayed a decision and sent a team to Boise to look at the school before granting provisional approval earlier this month. As a result of the delay, 55 second- and third-year law students moved last fall to the University of Idaho’s law school, located just a few blocks down Front Street from Concordia. Without ABA approval, graduates can’t take the bar exam, a requirement for those wanting to practice law.

A new billboard along Interstate 84 near the Orchard Street exit encourages students to apply.

Concordia has room to grow, said Turnock, but school officials say they don’t have a specific enrollment number in mind. Concordia’s law school can take 75 students in each of its three grade levels.

Concordia says it is looking carefully at the quality of its students, since passage of the bar exam is regarded as one indicator of the school’s quality.

The media campaign will continue until August, when approximately 17 students are expected to graduate, Concordia officials say.