Five-ballot error could challenge four-vote victory in Caldwell school board election

Five ballots for Tuesday's Caldwell School District Zone 2 trustee race were incorrectly issued to voters from another zone, and the unofficial vote tally for that race had only a four-vote difference between winner and loser, Canyon County Clerk Chris Yamamoto reported Wednesday.

Zone 2 incumbent Thomas Briten received 108 votes in Tuesday's election, and challenger Toni Waters received 104 votes. But five ballots were issued in error to voters from Zone 1, which had no race on the ballot, according to a Canyon County news release.

The error was publicly reported about 5 p.m. Wednesday, and response from the school district or the candidates was not immediately available.

Waters, who fell four votes short in Tuesday's tally, could contest the election outcome any time within 20 days after county commissioners canvass the election result, Canyon County reports. The canvass is scheduled for Tuesday, May 26.