Idaho board approves low college tuition increases

Boise State University's tuition for 2015-2016 will be up 3.5 percent from this year for resident undergraduate students, the lowest percentage increase in two decades.

Students will pay $6,847 a year, up $234 from 2014-2015.

Idaho universities turned in low tuition increases after the State Board of Education signaled it was not inclined to approve high ones. Most of the money will go to faculty and staff raises approved by the state and funded by the schools.

University of Idaho tuition will rise 3.5 percent of $7,020. Idaho State University's tuition will be $6,784, up 3.3 percent. Lewis-Clark State College tuition will increase 1.7 percent to $6,000.

“We are balancing making higher education as affordable as possible and providing the programs students need to be employable, but we cannot expect them to carry the entire burden of additional costs,” said Emma Atchley, board president.