Where do engineering grads settle down to work? A view from Boise

On his "Data Points" blog, Boise schools Superintendent Don Coberly has been taking a close look at his district's "STEM" graduates — high school grads who receive college degrees in science, technology, engineering and technology.

In his latest dive into the numbers, Coberly finds that most engineering graduates settle down to work close to the college where they received their degree.

A few key numbers, looking at Boise's high school graduates from 2007 to 2009:

  • Forty-three graduates received engineering degrees in Idaho, and 36 took jobs in the state.
  • Forty-nine graduates received their engineering degrees out of state, and 37 of them are working out of state.

Most of the out-of-state engineering grads are living and working in large cities in the West, such as Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and San Francisco, often near the universities and colleges they attended," Coberly wrote. "Many of the in-state engineering grads are working at established local engineering firms and startups."