Boise man arrested after reportedly trashing hotel bathroom

Leon Walsh, 44, of Boise
Leon Walsh, 44, of Boise

A Boise man was arrested after causing “excessive damage” to a hotel bathroom Sunday morning, Boise police say.

Leon Walsh, 44, of Boise, was apparently not supposed to be in the room of the hotel in the 1400 block of Capitol Boulevard. He had barricaded himself in the bathroom and destroyed the facilities, according to BPD.

BPD was called to the scene around 9:15 a.m. after receiving several calls reporting noise and one call, from a hotel employee, reporting water coming out of the room.

Officers attempted to negotiate with Walsh for about an hour. When he didn’t come out, officers forced their way into the bathroom and took Walsh into custody, according to BPD.

Officers discovered a hypodermic syringe and a baggie with residue, believed to be from methamphetamine.

Walsh was taken to the hospital, evaluated and then booked into the Ada County Jail. He was charged with three felonies: possession of a controlled substance, malicious injury to property and burglary. He faces an additional misdemeanor charge: possession of drug paraphernalia.