3 Boise men accused of harassing youth, brandishing knife

From left: Verdell Daniel, Thomas Caldwell and Christopher Daniel.
From left: Verdell Daniel, Thomas Caldwell and Christopher Daniel.

Arrested Sunday evening in Boise, the three men were charged with felony malicious harassment, Idaho’s hate crime law.

Boise police and prosecutors say they threatened and assaulted two boys, one white and one black, Sunday evening.

Christopher Daniel, 29; Verdell Daniel, 48; and Thomas Caldwell, 27; were arraigned Monday. Christopher Daniels also faces charges of felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor battery. Caldwell was also charged with battery and driving under the influence, both misdemeanors.

According to police, officers responded to a report of a fight near North Liberty and Butte streets at 7:40 p.m. Sunday.

At arraignment Monday, Deputy Prosecutor Tamera Kelly said the two juveniles were walking past a house when Christopher Daniel and Caldwell yelled at them, then jumped a fence and attacked them.

The youths went to the nearby home of a friend, then returned with a parent to get the address of the house where they were attacked, Kelly said at arraignment.

At that time, Verdell Daniel reportedly confronted the youths with a broken wooden spoon and yelled racial slurs. Christopher Daniel brandished a knife and threatened the black youth.

Police stopped a vehicle that had left the scene and arrested driver Caldwell after he failed a field sobriety test. His blood-alcohol level measured .129. The legal limit to drive is .08.

Kelly said at arraignment the state wanted high bail because the alleged attack was unprovoked and racially motivated. Judge David Manweiler set bail at $50,000 for Christopher Daniel, $25,000 for Caldwell, and $5,000 for Verdell Daniel.

He also ordered the three men to avoid contact with the youths and set preliminary hearings for July 11.