Accused credit card thieves arrested in Boise following 4-state spree

When credit cards embossed with stolen account numbers no longer worked at stores, Elise Victoria Dumas didn’t panic. She simply called back to friends in Detroit and they shipped her new ones by overnight FedEx delivery so she could continue scamming stores in Idaho and other states, Ada County prosecutors say.

Dumas, 24, of Livonia and her alleged accomplice, Lamarr Antonio Herndon, 27, of Ypsilanti were arrested Friday outside a Boise Home Depot store after Dumas allegedly bought a gift card using a credit card with a stolen account number.

The Boise Police Department received a call from a Home Depot loss prevention officer saying a woman later identified as Dumas was using a bogus credit card to buy a gift card. Officers responded to a different Home Depot store, anticipating that the thief would go to another of the chain’s stores to carry out the scam again, according to evidence presented at an arraignment Monday for the two suspects.

Officers spotted Dumas leaving the second store and detained her.

Inside her car, police found Home Depot merchandise and a bag containing gift cards allegedly purchased by Dumas. They also found a list of credit card account numbers with ones that were no longer valid crossed out and numerous cards with stolen account numbers cut in half.

Dumas is charged with fraudulent possession of a financial transaction card, while Herndon is charged with aiding and abetting possession of a financial transaction card.

The pair drove to Boise late last week in a rental car. Prosecutors did not provide details on how many stores they targeted or the value of the gift cards they purchased with the stolen account numbers.

A prosecutor told Senior Judge Richard Schmidt that Herndon admitted that he and Dumas visited four states during their trip west. He said he had been on 10 trips total with her.

Herndon was convicted of two counts of larceny in Michigan in 2014, possession of a controlled substance in 2007 and in a home invasion robbery case in 2005, when he was a juvenile.

Senior Judge Richard Schmidt set bail at $350,000 for both defendants. On Tuesday afternoon, they remained in custody at the Ada County Jail.