Boise Greenbelt attack didn’t happen, woman now says

Boise police are investigating the filing of a false police report after the supposed victim in an attack on the Greenbelt earlier this week recanted her story.

Police announced Friday that the woman who initially filed the report has recanted her statement. No battery occurred, and officers are no longer looking for any suspects, the agency reported.

The name of the woman who reported the attack has not been released.

The woman had reported the incident near the 1000 block of West Royal Boulevard early on Wednesday, police said previously. She told police that someone approached her from behind and grabbed her, but she used pepper spray to escape.

The initial description of the suspect was vague, and law enforcement asked for the public’s help to solve what might have occurred.

Boise police said in a news release that the incident should not discourage victims of real attacks from reporting them: “Boise PD has developed effective protocols and procedures to provide investigative services as well as emotional and counseling services through community partners like hospitals, counselors, and victim advocates.”