Nampa mother accused of submerging infant in ditch told police she injected bath salts, heard voices

Court documents filed Monday reveal disturbing new details in a bizarre incident that endangered two children at a Nampa irrigation ditch over the weekend.

Regina R. Dilworth, 22, was arraigned Monday on charges of injury to a child, and a probable cause affidavit details the case.

Witnesses told Nampa police the woman tried to give a 4-year-old girl away in the 400 block of Dufur Street on Saturday morning, saying “save my girl,” then walked to a nearby intersection and jumped into a ditch with the infant.

Witnesses rescued the baby, pulled the woman out of the canal and held her until police arrived. Dilworth, who remains in the Canyon County Jail on $50,000 bond, faces a felony injury to a child charge for submerging the infant up to its neck and misdemeanor injury to a child for walking in the middle of the road while in a drug-induced state with the preschooler following her.

According to the affidavit, Dilworth told a detective she had injected a combination of bath salts and Dilaudid, an opiate, at her Amity Avenue residence the night before the incident.

She said she remembers walking out of her house the next morning with her children and “walking toward the light,” the document states. Police said the family walked about a mile from their home to the irrigation ditch near East Sherman Avenue.

Dilworth told the detective she heard voices telling her that her children were possessed and she needed to “find God.” She said she needed to baptize the infant, the affidavit states.

After the woman reportedly tried to give the 4-year-old to one witness, a second witness was driving east on East Sherman and noticed a woman and a child standing in the middle of the road. The witness told police the woman was holding an infant and ignored attempts to talk to her, according to the affidavit.

So the witness called police and followed the woman, reporting that she walked across a yard and jumped into the canal as the 4-year-old stood on the bank, crying.

The witness told police she ran to the canal and saw the woman was completely submerged, with the baby submerged to its neck. The witness jumped into the water and took the baby, and another witness helped her pull the woman out of the canal, according to the affidavit. Police said a man held Dilworth until officers arrived.

Neither child showed signs of injury, police said, and both were put in protective custody.

Nampa police praised the people who stepped in to help the children and their mother.

“They took decisive action,” Sgt. Joe Ramirez said Sunday.

According to the affidavit, the ditch was about 3 feet wide and the water was about 10 inches deep.

Dilworth has several other court cases pending. In Canyon County, she is scheduled for sentencing Tuesday on four felonies stemming from last November: three counts of credit card fraud and one charge of grand theft. On Aug. 10, she is scheduled to stand trial on a misdemeanor drug paraphernalia charge. A motion hearing on an April petit theft charge was set, then canceled, for Monday, the same day as her arraignment on the new charges.

In Ada County, Dilworth is scheduled to enter a plea Friday on a charge of felony possession of a controlled substance that was filed in March.