Meridian parents arrested after baby left in 140-degree car

A baby boy remained inside a sweltering car Saturday evening while his parents shopped inside a grocery store, Meridian police said.

Paula Opyd, 32, and Frayne Hutton Jr., 43, did not realize they had left the 18-month-old in the car until they had been in the store for an hour, Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea said. They took the baby into a restroom of the WinCo store at 1050 S. Progress Ave. and ran cold water on him.

“We were worried that he wasn’t going to live, but he was later released,” Basterrechea said.

“It looks like they truly forgot the kid was there.”

The outside temperature was about 100 degrees and 40 degrees higher inside the car, Basterrechea said.

“It’s just too hot to even think about leaving children in a car,” he said.

The child was placed into protective custody.

Opyd and Hutton were taken to the Ada County Jail, where they were each charged with felony injury to a child.