BPD: Phone scammers prey on parents’ fears, claim kidnapping

Boise police Tuesday warned residents about a phone scam reported last week involving callers who claim they've kidnapped a child.

Police said they received two calls last week from men reporting they had received calls from someone claiming to have kidnapped their daughters and demanding cash for the daughter's safe return.

The first call raised concern from both the father and officers before the father was able to locate his daughter and confirm she was safe. The second call came two days later. That father knew where his child was and quickly recognized the call as a hoax.

Officers investigating the first call found it originated outside the United States. BPD detectives believe this phone scam is a variation of the "grandparents scam" which has been widely reported across the country.

To avoid being victimized by this or similar scam, the FBI advises those to receive such calls to:

* Resist the pressure to act quickly

* Try to contact your family member to determine if the kidnap claim is legitimat3e

* Never wire money, especially overseas, based on a phone call or an e-mail.