Canyon County filming a reenactment of fatal Notus shooting for investigation

The Canyon County Sheriff's Office is filming a reenactment of the murder of a Notus store clerk to help move the investigation forward, according to Lt. Chris McCormick.

Christopher Reese, 25, of Notus, was shot to death while working at the Jacksons convenience store Dec. 17. Surveillance footage from that night shows two masked men entering the store. One carried an assault rifle and another rolled in a dolly used to cart out the business’ safe. Following the incident, police discovered the safe and Reese's stolen vehicle about 4 miles east of the Jacksons.

The two men have not yet been identified.

The agency received about 500 tips on the case, with some strong leads, but investigators are still pushing for more information. A reenactment could help spark interest to bring in even more tips, McCormick said.

"Some of (the tips) are promising, but until we get those responsible for (Reese's) death in custody we're going to pull out all the stops," he said.

Ted Arnold, coordinator for Crime Stoppers, brought the idea to Canyon County to film and distribute a 3-minute reenactment.

“People become more engaged when they see a video instead of a still shot,” he said. “I think if we could push this out locally and even into the national market obviously our chances are going to increase on getting to solve (this crime).”

Arnold turned to a local director and actors to film the reenactment.

“That was important to me because this is an Idaho crime and i wanted to get the local folks involved,” he said. “It would be even more of a victory for everyone involved because we're taking care of one of our own.”

The director and actors are volunteering their time to serve their community, Arnold said.

The sheriff’s office is still working out where it will distribute the reenactment, but investigators may start by sending it to local media, McCormick said.

Canyon County is pushing forward on this case to bring justice and closure to Reese’s family, he said.

"Not only do we feel for (Reese) but we feel for his family, McCormick said.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 208-343-2677, and can submit a tip anonymously. Jacksons Food Stores is offering up to $50,000 in a reward to anyone who provides information that leads to an arrest in the case.