Idaho ATM thieves slapped with $880k restitution bill

ATM thieves Nathan Davenport and Matthew Annable are looking at long stretches in federal prison when they’re sentenced this summer.

Davenport, 35, from Bonners Ferry, faces a possible life sentence when he’s sentenced June 22, after shooting at pursuing police officers after a $27,000 heist in McCall in January 2014. Annable, 40, also from Bonners Ferry, faces up to 25 years in prison, when he’s sentenced Aug. 24.

The two men must also serve 14 months each following their conviction last year for a bank ATM robbery in Douglas, Wyo.

Their debts won’t end when they leave prison. They’re also on the hook for repaying $879,755 27 stolen during 28 holdups in nine Mountain and Southern states over a 16-month period ending in January 2014.

Among the other thefts were two on Jan. 5, 2014, that netted nearly $37,000 from Idaho Banking Co. ATMs in Boise and Meridian.

U.S. District Judge Edward J. Lodge on May 26 ordered Davenport and Annable to forfeit $85,302 in cash seized from the men when they were arrested and from their homes in Bonners Ferry. The judge also ordered the forfeiture of a Ruger semi-automatic rifle and a Springfield handgun taken from the men when they were arrested.

In addition, Lodge authorized federal prosecutors to sell off $16,678 worth of firearms and ammunition taken from homes and vehicles belonging to Davenport and Annable.

The two men used the same method in each of the robberies, federal prosecutors said:

A man dressed in dark clothes and a mask drove up to an ATM in a stolen Ford pickup and cut the bolts off the machine's door. He then attached a chain and used the pickup to pull off the door, allowing him to reach in and grab bins of cash.

The thief then drove away and caught up with his partner, who was waiting in a rented car for the getaway.

On Jan. 5, 2014, burglars robbed an Idaho Saving Co. ATM at 1800 S. Eagle Road in Meridian.

A day later, Davenport and his wife, Diane Davenport, were spotted with Annable by FBI agents in Coeur d'Alene transferring bags from a car rented by Nathan Davenport into a car rented by Annable, and then into a Ford Excursion owned by Diane Davenport.

On Jan. 10, 2014, the thieves stole $26,120 from an Idaho First Bank ATM in McCall. A witness called police and gave a description of the man he saw yanking the door off the ATM, the vehicle he was driving and his direction of travel.

Police located the stolen Ford pickup two minutes later and gave chase. The driver, Davenport, stopped the pickup twice and fired at officers. The chase ended as the bullets immobilized the police cars.

That was the first time police had been fired on. In the other thefts, the robbers got away before police even arrived.

Days after the McCall heist, Davenport and Annable were arrested in Utah.