Canyon County sheriff warns of jury duty phone scam

The Canyon County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about a jury duty scam that has resurfaced.

On Monday morning, more than 15 people called Canyon County dispatch and reported receiving a phone call from a man who idenfied himself as a CCSO deputy or lieutenant and told them they needed to pay a fee or they would be arrested for missing jury duty.

The scammer requested personal information from the individuals, including some financial information.

“We currently have no arrest warrants out for failure to appear for jury duty, so this is definitely a scam,” said Sheriff Kieran Donahue. “Aside from that, we would never contact someone over the phone and tell them to pay a fee or face a warrant for jury duty. I’d advise anyone who receives a call like this to take the number down and report it to authorities.”

Here are some additional tips from the Better Business Bureau on what to do if a scammer calls:

* Hang up without pressing any other buttons. If you received a voicemail, don’t call the scammer back.

* Don't trust caller ID – scammers have technology that lets them display any number or organization name on your phone.

* Never give out your Social Security number, bank account or credit card unless you have thoroughly done your research and verified the caller.