Ada County detectives still searching for prom-themed cliff graffiti culprit

Do you know Destiny? How about the person who invited her to the prom?

Eight days after they first distributed photos of the massive pink and blue prom invitation spray-painted on the Black Cliffs west of Lucky Peak, Ada County Sheriff's investigators are still looking for the author of that invite.

In 8-foot letters, the graffiti asked, "Destiny, Prom?"

Although creative as a romantic overture, spray-painting a cliff face is illegal, carrying a misdemeanor charge of injury by graffiti, up to a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail. The author also could be billed for the cleanup, which is expected to be difficult and costly.

The graffiti in question is on a cliff side in East Car Body Canyon, a popular rock-climbing spot along Idaho 21 west of Lucky Peak that also is a culturally significant area to Native American tribes.

Initial reports indicated that section of the Black Cliffs was on U.S. Bureau of Land Management land, but officials later determined the cliffs are on Idaho Fish and Game land, the sheriff's office reported Wednesday.

Fish and Game officials are figuring out how the get the graffiti off the cliff wall while doing the least possible damage to the rock patina. Several different options are being discussed, including sandblasting, but no decisions have been made.

Anyone with information about the graffiti is asked to call Ada County dispatch at 377-6790. Ada County Sheriff’s Office, BLM and Fish and Game officials continue to work together on the investigation.