Caldwell sex offender arrested, accused of trying to entice teen girl

Alejandro Fernandez Gonzalez, 33, was arrested Friday after police witnessed him stop and talk to a 15-year-old girl that he had preveiously tried to lure into his vehicle.

On April 6, the girl told officers that a man twice tried to get her to go with him inside a white Jeep Cherokee.

Both incidents took place while the teen was walking home from school.

During the second encounter, the man parked his car and waited for the girl near her home, Caldwell police reported in a written release. As the girl walked by, the man walked with her and tried holding her hand and kissing her.

The girl got away and reported the incident to her mother when she got home.

Caldwell detectives later followed the girl to and from school in an attempt to locate the man.

At about 3 p.m. Friday, detectives saw a man later identified as Fernandez stop and try to talk to the girl in the 700 block of North Illinois Avenue. He was interviewed by detectives and later charged with first-degree stalking, sexual abuse of a child under 16, battery and two counts of child enticement.

Detectives are trying to determine whether Fernandez may have tried to lure any other teenagers. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Caldwell Police Department at 455-3115.

Fernandez, then living in Greenleaf, pleaded guilty in 2008 to sexually abusing a vulnerable adult in a strikingly similar case.

He met an 18-year-old developmentally disabled woman at a Wal-Mart store where he worked at the time. Police said he began stalking the woman, a Caldwell resident, and one day offered her a ride home.

Instead of taking her home, Fernandez took her to a storage unit and raped her.

He was initially charged with first-degree kidnapping but pleaded guilty to the sexual abuse charge.

He was released from state prison in May 2014 and was scheduled to remain on supervision until May 2023.