Final member of 11-person drug ring sentenced to prison

John Matthew Caviness Jr., 35, of Caldwell, was sentenced to four years in prison Thursday for his role in helping to distribute methamphetamine and other drugs throughout the Treasure Valley.

On Feb. 23, Caviness pleaded guilty to conspiring with others to distribute controlled substances. Caviness’ sentencing brings the case to a close; the other 10 defendants in the ring were already sentenced. All 11 were indicted on Dec. 8, 2015, by a federal grand jury in Boise.

The drug ring’s investigation began in January 2015 when Elizabeth Gaytan sold meth to undercover police officers multiple times.

Investigators later learned that Stacy Duane Wilfong was Gaytan’s source of supply and the leader of a larger group of individuals who distributed drugs throughout the Treasure Valley. Investigators applied for and received a court order that authorized the interception of Wilfong’s telephone communications.

During the course of about 20 days, Wilfong made hundreds of calls to his co-conspirators related to the distribution of meth, heroin, oxycodone, hydromorphone and a synthetic controlled substance called Alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone, known as “a-PVP.”

The other defendants who pleaded guilty were sentenced by Senior U.S. District Judge Edward J. Lodge. Their sentences are as follows:

  • Wilfong, 40, of Nampa, was sentenced on Oct. 4 to 220 months in prison.
  • Gaytan, 37, of Nampa, was sentenced on July 28 to 100 months in prison.
  • Jason Lee Burgess, 44, of Garden City, was sentenced on Feb. 22 to 84 months in prison.
  • Adam William Dillon, 28, of Nampa, was sentenced on March 8 to 74 months in prison.
  • Anthony “Tony” Kitchen, of Nampa, was sentenced on Oct. 5 to 71 months in prison.
  • David Anthony Wales, 31, of Boise, was sentenced on June 14 to 60 months in prison.
  • Isela F. Garza, 36, of Nampa, was sentenced on Nov. 10 to 48 months in prison.
  • Regina Wade, 50, of Boise, was sentenced on Aug. 9 to 41 months in prison.
  • Jocelin Jessica Gonzalez, 19, of Nampa, was sentenced on July 28 to 40 months in prison.
  • Breeannyn Nicole Pederson, 25, of Parma, was sentenced on Nov. 15 to 18 months in prison.