After thefts from Kuna vehicles, sheriff asks residents to please lock your doors

Possessions from seven unlocked vehicles in Kuna — including three guns — were stolen on Monday night, according to the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.

People in neighborhoods throughout Kuna, including the Avalon Street and School Road area and the Ten Mile Road and 4th Street area, had items taken from unlocked cars. Two handguns and a rifle were taken from three vehicles.

“If there is one concept we here at the Ada County Sheriff’s Office would like our residents to embrace above all others, it would be: Lock your stuff up,” the office said in a release.

Items including sunglasses and change were stolen from other unlocked cars. The crimes may be a case of “jockeyboxing,” in which thieves walk through neighborhoods, checking to see if vehicle or garage doors are unlocked and stealing anything of value.

Know something that might help investigators? Call Kuna police — a division of the sheriff’s office — at 208-577-3860.