Police say he posed as a Realtor to get access to Ada County homes

Craig Getzloff
Craig Getzloff

Meridian police arrested Craig Getzloff on Wednesday, accusing him of burglarizing several Meridian homes.

According to the police department, the 51-year-old Boise man is currently charged with forcing entry into one unoccupied Boise home near Shenandoah Drive and Haines Street. But more charges are expected, related to other Ada County incidents.

Burglary is a felony, and someone convicted of it can serve up to 10 years in prison.

Detectives suspected Getzloff in the Meridian burglaries and were following him when they saw him break into the Boise house, according to police.

In the other burglaries, prescription medicines and jewelry were stolen. Getzloff reportedly has posed as a Realtor or otherwise targeted open houses to get access to homes for sale.

Getzloff in the last year had finished serving a prison term for a different burglary. He was released from prison on Dec. 18, 2015.

In September 2010, Boise police credited an 11-year-old boy who locked himself and his dog in a room and called his father during an intrusion at his Bench home for helping catch Getzloff.

Getzloff pleaded guilty to that burglary.

Ada County prosecutors said at the time that drug addiction had led Getzloff to commit a variety of scams in an attempt to get drugs — like posing as an electrician to get access to a pharmacy in an Albertstons store to steal prescription medication in 2009, or posing as a home buyer and going into an open house so he could take prescription medication from inside.

Fourth District Judge Patrick Owen in December 2010 sentenced Getzloff to 10 years in prison, requiring him to serve at least 2.5 years before he would be eligible for parole.

Police ask anyone with relevant information about Getzloff’s latest alleged crimes to call Ada County dispatch at 208-377-6790.

Erin Fenner: 208-377-6207, @erinfenner