Boise man allegedly threatens black man with knives, racial slurs

Christopher A. Gauthier
Christopher A. Gauthier

Christopher A. Gauthier came out of his residence Friday morning wielding two large kitchen knives and threatened to kill his neighbor, according to a criminal complaint filed in Ada County Magistrate Court.

“You threatened to cause injury to him while holding two knives and indicating that you were going to ‘cut some N------,” said Magistrate Daniel Steckel, reading from the complaint during Gauthier’s arraignment Monday afternoon.

Gauthier, 38, was arrested without incident and taken to the Ada County Jail. At the jail, he became upset and using the racial slur again told corrections officers he wanted to kill the victim, Steckel said, again reading from the complaint.

Earlier Friday morning, the victim, identified in court by his initials, AOR, loaded his two young daughters into his car and turned on the engine to warm up the car at his residence in the 300 block of North Allumbaugh Street. He forgot something in his house and went to get it. When he came back out to his car, his daughters were running toward him, crying, a prosecutor said.

The victim told police his daughters told him Gauthier approached the car, opened the door, made a “scary face” at the girls, turned off the engine and took the keys. Gauthier then went to his apartment with the car keys and closed the door.

When officers from the Boise Police Department arrived at the scene, they were unable to get Gauthier to open his door, according to a police report.

Later that morning, the victim yelled out that he wanted his keys back. That’s when Gauthier came outside and allegedly threatened the man, police said. Officers returned and took Gauthier into custody.

He denied having the victim’s keys. However, police later obtained a warrant and searched the apartment and found the keys.

Gauthier is charged with malicious harassment and burglary, both felonies.

Steckel set bail at $200,000. Gauthier is scheduled to return to court Oct. 28 for a preliminary hearing.

Gauthier spent 124 days in the Ada County Jail in 2014 for an assault on certain personnel and battery. He was also convicted of battery in 2008 and burglary in 2000. He was also convicted in California in 2001 for threatening a crime with the intent to terrorize.