West Ada

Meridian residents surprised by a CPR flashmob

Meridian residents were surprised Sunday by a CPR flashmob.

Ada County Paramedics and St. Luke's teamed up to host a health and safety fair at the Village in Meridian for Emergency Medical Services Week. But, during the festivities, about 60 volunteers broke out of the crowd and began performing hands-only CPR on practice dummies, said Hadley Mayes, spokesperson for Ada County Paramedics.

"The technique's very simple, but a lot of people still don't really know how to do it," she said. "So, one of our priorities for this year's EMS week was to really help educate the public on hands-only CPR and how life-saving it can be."

Stephanie Sullivan, a Meridian St. Luke's nurse, said it was important to make the event fun and educational to help kids and adults learn CPR.

" It's really important for the community to know how to do this," she said.

The fair also featured a raffle, booths with information, an ambulance to tour and sign-up sheets for CPR certifications.