West Ada

UPDATE: Coroner’s office confirms toddler’s drowning death near Kuna

Bayler Alex Robins, 18 months old, fell into a Kuna-area canal Monday and drowned, staff at Zeyer Funeral Chapel in Nampa confirmed Wednesday.

Also Wednesday morning, the Ada County Coroner’s Office confirmed Robins drowned. No other injuries were found.

Ada County deputies continue their investigation of the incident, which happened on a family farm in the 7500 block of Ten Mile Road.

Robins was playing with other preschool-age children in the backyard of a relative's home on the farm about 1:15 p.m. Monday when he apparently fell into the canal that runs at the edge of the yard, a sheriff's spokesman said Tuesday. A family member quickly noticed he was missing and launched a search.

Robins was found a short distance downstream on the other side of Ten Mile Road, the spokesman said. A family member and later paramedics administered CPR, but Robins was pronounced dead at St. Luke’s Meridian Medical Center a short time later.

There is no fence between the yard and the irrigation canal, the ACSO spokesman said.

This apparently is the first death reported in an Ada County canal this year. Each year, law enforcement and irrigation district officials stress the dangers posed by canals, which run deceptively cold, deep and fast. Swift-moving waters can carry people of all sizes quickly downstream, and canal sides are steep and make it difficult to climb out.