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Two parrots saved from a house fire in Middleton

Two parrots were rescued from a house fire in Middleton Friday, according to Middleton Fire Department.

The fire was called in at about 9:30 p.m. and firefighters had it contained within 15 minutes, but not before hearing cries of help from inside that turned out to be coming from two pet parrots. No person was inside the home, said Brad Trosky, deputy chief of operations for Middleton Fire.

One of the birds was saying "help" and "fire," he said.

"She was saying it clear enough so that from outside they believed there was a person they needed to rescue," Trosky said.

The birds were pulled safely out of the smoking building and given oxygen, he said.

"They were a little bit loopy when they came out," Trosky said. "With a little bit of oxygen they perked right up."

The fire was contained to one room, and the structural integrity of the home remained intact. As of Sunday the cause of the Fire is still under investigation, he said.