West Ada

Meridian high school students take part in a mock disaster to prep for the real thing

Teams of Meridian high school juniors worked calmly Friday to transport their screaming classmates to safe zones for medical treatment.

It was just a drill, but an important one, said Carrie Staub, instructor at Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School.

The school trains students pursuing careers in health care, and one of the classes involves creating a community emergency response team (CERT) and a mock disaster.

“This is really good practice for them. There’s no better test than this,” she said.

Students were required to assess an earthquake disaster situation, rescue victims and go through the motions of treating patients. Almost 40 students participated in the exercise.

These types of classes prepare young people for life-saving careers, Staub said.

“We incorporated CERT into this, predominantly because it’s so good at teaching them problem-solving skills (and) critical-thinking skills, which they’re going to need no matter what area of health care they go into,” she said.