West Ada

Meridian launches Do the Right on Wednesday

The city of Meridian is calling on citizens to “ Do The Right” on Wednesday, April 8. The goal of the daylong, citywide endeavor, called “a movement of compassion,” is to encourage people of all ages to do something nice for the person to their right, whether it’s helping a neighbor, giving a classmate a nice note, or buying coffee for a coworker.

“The city was moved to do something like this after discussing bullying and teen suicide with our Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council. It is something that definitely affects teens in our community and adults as well,” said Mayor Tammy de Weerd in a news release. “That’s why we are launching 'Do The Right' – because you never know how one act of kindness can change someone’s life.”

As part of the first Do The Right Day, the West Ada School District will hand out sticky notes to students, encouraging them to write something nice about the classmate to their right. The Ben’s Bells Project, or Be Kind Idaho, plans to place bells throughout Meridian and will also distribute Be Kind stickers as a reminder to all citizens to carry the focus of kindness beyond this one day.

“We live in a giving and compassionate community and we want to keep it that way. This world can be full of criticism and negativity and it’s time to focus on the positive,” said de Weerd.

The city is also encouraging residents to share their experiences on April 8 via social media, with the hashtag #DoTheRight.

Other community partners helping to raise awareness about the day by handing out #DoTheRight stickers include Dutch Bros., Albertsons, State Farm, Meridian Chamber of Commerce, Meridian Library District and The Village at Meridian.