West Ada

The Eagle Urban Renewal Agency votes to seize property at Eagle and State

The Eagle Urban Renewal Agency voted 3 to 2 Monday night to sue a local property owner under eminent domain law in order to seize the property on the corner of State Street and Eagle Road.

Sandy Smith has refused to sell the long-vacant property to the URA, which aims to use it as a parking lot and offered much less money than Smith wants for the parcel.

“It's not a public safety risk, it's not a hazard, it's not condemned, it has no contamination,” Smith told KIVI, Channel 6. “They've never given us a listing of what they're considering to be blighted, we have not been cited for anything in 14 years, but they've all of a sudden, since we've listed it with a realtor, decided to take the property instead.”

The agency will hold a special session April 15 to discuss long-term plans for the property.