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After man commits lewd act in girls’ locker room, West Ada school scrutinizes security

A man slipped in and out of the girls’ locker room of the Rocky Mountain High School gymnasium undetected one morning last week, prompting officials to review security measures at the Meridian school.

While inside the school gym Wednesday morning, the man found a student’s phone and used it to record himself committing a sex act in the locker room, according to West Ada School District spokesman Eric Exline.

The man left the phone behind.

“That he was there was discovered after the fact,” Exline said. “No one walked in and found him there.”

Andrew D. Kim, 23, turned himself in to police on Saturday after someone in his family recognized him in a photo pulled from surveillance footage. Kim has been charged with felony child sexual abuse-causing a minor under 16 to witness an act of sexual conduct, felony burglary and felony probation violation.

Kim was scheduled to be arraigned at the Ada County Courthouse on Monday afternoon, online court records show. He was still at the Ada County Jail on Monday night, according to the jail roster. His preliminary hearing is set for 8:30 a.m. April 2 before Magistrate Judge Daniel L. Steckel.

Kim is currently on supervised probation for video voyeurism, Meridian police said. He pleaded guilty in 2015 to one count of video voyeurism, online court records show.

Kim is a graduate of Rocky Mountain, Exline said. The district notified parents via email about the incident on Saturday morning — three days after it occurred — and provided information about what the suspect looked like. A second email was sent later in the day, after Kim turned himself in to police.

Exline said police and school officials initially opted to hold off in notifying parents because the investigation was ongoing.

“This was a very unusual event in my experience of almost 20 years in West Ada. … We’re reviewing [security] procedures,” Exline said. That includes encouraging students, teachers and staff to report people who don’t look like they belong on campus, and physically controlling access to buildings and rooms.

If there are no students in the locker room, it is supposed to remain locked, Exline said. Long-term measures are likely to include retrofitting schools so that visitors must be buzzed into buildings and/or going to an electronic badge system.

The student who found the sexually explicit video on her phone last Wednesday reported it to the school resource officer the same day, Exline said. That sparked an investigation.

On Thursday, school and police officials pulled security camera footage. A notice was sent to teachers and staff on Friday to see if anyone could identify him.

“They figured out what his car looked like and started contacting surrounding schools to determine if he was a current student,” Exline said.

Investigators determined that the suspect entered the girls’ locker room between second and third periods, which is a five-minute window between 11:32 a.m. and 11:37 a.m.

Exline said he provided a local TV station that had inquired about the situation with a photo. Kim’s family contacted police after seeing it on the news, and he turned himself in on Saturday.

Rocky Mountain High School has about 2,350 students in grades nine through 12.

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