West Ada

Update: Technical glitch triggered lockdown at Meridian’s Mountain View High School

A malfunction in an older alarm system at Meridian’s Mountain View High School triggered a lockdown there Thursday morning, a spokesman for the West Ada school district said.

Police responded and gave the all-clear after about 40 minutes.

What triggered the alert is not known, said spokesman Eric Exline. The affected system was installed when the school was built in 2003. The district now uses a newer, phone-based system in all of its schools, Exline said.

Meridian Deputy Police Chief Tracy Basterrechea said officers responded a little after 9 a.m. and went room to room to clear the school.

“We didn't know whether it was a fault,” he said. “We still went through our protocol of checking room to room and making sure everything was the way it’s supposed to be.”

Exline said parents were advised of the system malfunction by email.

About 2,300 students in grades 9-12 attend the school.

Bill Dentzer contributed.