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Don't drive 80 as long as the signs say 75

Even though the state legislature signed off on an 80 mph speed limit, and even though the Idaho Transportation Department OK'd it, drivers have to wait until the new speed limit signs are in place before speeding up that extra 5 mph, ITD spokesman Reed Hollinshead said Wednesday. 

Crews are scheduled to start replacing 75 mph signs Thursday morning on rural stretches of interstates 84, 86 and 15. Speed limits won't change in the Treasure Valley between Boise and Caldwell, or on stretches of freeway near Idaho Falls and Pocatello. The portion of I-90 that runs through north Idaho won't see a speed limit change, either.

This is Idaho's first increase in interstate speed limits since 1996, when allowed speeds for most vehicles rose from 65 mph to 75 mph.

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