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What’s so weird about dropping a giant potato on New Year’s Eve?

Boiseans take pride in making lots of national best-of lists.

But a list of weirdest things dropped during New Year’s Eve festivities isn’t one we should be on.

If we dropped Spuddy Buddy from the U.S. Bank building into a giant tub of mashed potatoes, that would be weird. (Don’t worry Spuddy, you’re safe.)

There’s nothing weird about reveling around a shiny, 400-pound GlowTato that’s been blinged out with lights. It just makes sense in Idaho. If locals weren’t into it, there’s no way thousands of them would show up Downtown on Saturday night and freeze their taters off. (Fair warning: It’s always bitter cold, and this year will be no exception.)

And while we’re on the topic of titanic tubers: The Idaho Potato Bowl fed loads of free fries to college football fans last week. It was a delicious promotional tie-in that I would love to see spread to other potato-themed events like the Potato Drop.

USA Today’s list of five “weird” New Year’s Eve drops includes The Possum Drop in Brasstown, N.C. that involves a live critter. The opossum is put in a clear box and slowly lowered to the ground amid a frenzy of cheering. The event organizer has assured outraged animal rights advocates that the animal isn’t in danger.

“We do not harm that possum,” Clay Logan told the Citizen-Times newspaper. “I take care of that possum better than I do my wife, and I’m real, real good to her.”

Good to know.

In Bethlehem, Penn., they drop a 200-pound illuminated Peep — like a giant version of the marshmallow candy that’s made there.

That’s not weird, either. It’s adorable.

Apparently a lot of other Pennsylvania cities have special New Year’s Eve drops. Not surprisingly, Hershey drops a giant kiss. Sadly, it’s not made of chocolate. That would be delicious.

This year, Port Clinton, Ohio — aka the Walleye Capital of the World — will celebrate the 20th annual dropping of a giant fish, Wylie the Walleye. It sounds weird, but it’s pretty awesome.

Lindsay Tigar, a writer for Bravo’s “The Feast,” noted that there are a number of food products that are dropped at New Year’s celebrations around the country, including a taco (Arizona), mushroom (Pennsylvania), peach (Georgia), cheese (Wisconsin), Moon Pie (Alabama), cookie (Massachussetts), potato chips (Pennsylvania) and pickle (North Carolina).

But no mention of the Idaho potato? That’s the right place for Boise’s celebration, not a list of “bizarre” things. Nothing weird about it.

Katy Moeller: 208-377-6413, @KatyMoeller