Canyon County

Police arrest men they believe are linked to Nampa shooting after cross-county vehicle pursuit

Four people were taken into custody Sunday after a chase from Nampa, to Boise to Horseshoe Bend, where the suspects crashed. Police suspect at least two of the men in the vehicle were involved in the shooting of a 26-year-old man Saturday, according to Sgt. Joe Ramirez with Nampa Police.

Investigators had been searching for two persons of interest after a shooting on Caldwell Boulevard Saturday.

Kyle Jackson, 26, of Nampa had reportedly been waving a red-colored “rag” and antagonizing drivers passing by, making obscene gestures, Ramirez said.

An officer located Jackson on the 200 block of Caldwell Boulevard around 4 p.m. The officer informed him he could be arrested for disturbing the peace. The officer told him to cease and desist, but did not arrest the man, Ramirez said.

Then, at about 5:30 p.m. police were called back to the same area near the 500 block of Caldwell Boulevard around Video Mexico to respond to a report of a shooting, Ramirez said.

Officers found Jackson unconscious with a gunshot wound and he was transported to the hospital, Ramirez said.

From witness accounts, investigators think that two people riding in a black SUV drove by Jackson, and the passenger shot him. It is possible Jackson slashed the passenger with a knife, since a bloody knife was found next to him on the ground, Ramirez said.

Investigators identified persons of interests after following some leads, and then waited for the suspects to leave their home, so as to avoid a stand-off situation, he said.

Detectives found the two suspects driving a 1997 Chevrolet Blazer and initiated a traffic stop. Instead of stopping, the driver of the SUV sped off. Police pursued the vehicle onto Start Road until they hit the county line, and then Ada County took over, Ramirez said.

Ada County pursued the vehicle until it crashed near Horseshoe Bend. The four people were taken into custody and will face charges. They have not been identified as of Saturday evening.

Jackson was still alive Sunday morning, Ramirez said.

“Jackson is alive, but he wasn't doing very well,” he said.