Canyon County

Nampa firefighters rescue ducklings, return them to their mother

Five ducklings were reunited with their mother after Nampa firefighters rescued them from a storm drain Friday.

A resident put in the call to Nampa Fire Department she noticed baby ducks trapped in the storm drain.

After removing the cover, firefighters got creative with a bucket and utility rope to rescue the critters, said Jeff Mutchie, captain with Nampa Fire Department.

"We assisted the little ducklings into the bucket and used it as an elevator," he said.

The mother duck hovered nearby for the duration of the rescue, Mutchie said.

"When we got the first duck (out) she actually came across the street and was waiting for her babies in the grass," he said.

Once all five ducklings were safely removed from the storm drain they met their mother and hopped into the canal, Mutchie said.