Canyon County

Nampa police looking for man suspected of indecent exposure

Nampa police officers say they’ve received three reports of a man exposing himself to young women while driving around the city.

The man is in the habit of driving his white SUV up next to women on foot and talking to them, according to a Nampa Police Department press release. After he has their attention, “he exposes himself to them and drives away,” according to the press release.

This has happened in various areas around the city. In each case, the “dialogue and vehicle description are similar,” according to the press release, so detectives think it’s the same person.

According to the press release, the suspect is a white man in his 20s, with blond or brown hair and some facial hair. In one case, the man was described as not wearing a shirt and having a large tattoo on his left shoulder.

“If approached by the suspect, do not attempt to apprehend,” the press release warned. “Note a license plate, direction of travel and a clothing description if possible.”

Please contact Nampa police at 465-2257 if you recognize the vehicle, the suspect or are reporting an incident with similar circumstances.