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After several days missing, Nampa dog trapped in drain is rescued

Ted Hardy poses with Zeta the dog in the irrigation drain where she was found Thursday.
Ted Hardy poses with Zeta the dog in the irrigation drain where she was found Thursday.

For Zeta the dog, it must’ve seemed like barking at the moon. Missing since Dec. 10, the yellow Labrador retriever had found herself trapped in an irrigation box in Nampa, several feet below a grate.

But her howls of frustration weren’t in vain. On Dec. 15, some neighborhood kids peered into the woven metal of the grate cover and saw the lost Lab looking back up at them, according to a Facebook post from the Nampa Police Department.

It’s not clear how long Zeta was in the irrigation box, but NPD said in the post that Nampa dispatch received a call about a dog barking and howling for two days. The person calling initially thought the dog belonged to a neighbor, not realizing Zeta was trapped and calling for help until the children found her as they were playing outside.

Then, Nampa first responders sprung into action. Animal control officers along with Nampa Fire Department rescued the unlucky pup from the box and reunited her with her family.

“I owe a huge thanks, and $50, to the children who found her,” wrote Zeta’s owner, Laura Heather Fry, in the comments of NPD’s post. “Thank you Nampa PD, and Fire Department. I had almost given up hope we would find her alive.”

In her comment, Fry said Zeta did “a doggie happy dance” when she was reunited with her family, and enjoyed a huge meal before falling fast asleep.

As for how Zeta made her way into the irrigation box to begin with? Officials believe the dog went into a culvert and got lost in the drain system, making it difficult for her family, who had been searching nearby areas for days, to find her.

“Nampa Fire will be doing some research to try to determine where Zeta may have entered the drain system to help prevent this from happening again with a dog or child,” NPD wrote on the post.