Canyon County

Sheriff warns of Canyon County jury duty scam

Multiple people have reported a jury duty scam to the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office, county officials warned Tuesday.

The suspected scammer identifies himself as a county employee and tells whoever picks up the phone they will be fined for missing jury duty. The suspect also asks for personal information, according to the county.

In a statement Tuesday, county officials assure that the jury office would never call residents to demand personal information. If you’ve received a similar call and have questions, call the county’s jury office at 208-454-7351.

The county’s advice for dealing with scam calls:

  • Hang up, don’t call the scammer back and don’t press any buttons.
  • Caller ID is not 100 percent trustworthy. Scammers may use technology that hides or changes their phone number identity.
  • Don’t ever provide financial or other personal information over the phone, if you did not make the initial call.

Erin Fenner: 208-377-6207, @erinfenner