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Idaho AG’s Office releases more Yantis case documents

The Idaho Attorney General’s Office on Thursday released new documents related to the investigation into the fatal shooting of an Adams County rancher by two sheriff’s deputies.

The document release comes about two weeks after 5,300 pages of documents from the investigation into the Nov. 1, 2015, death of Jack Yantis were made public on the AG’s Web site. The new items — 246 pages and 17 voice message recordings — are now available there too.

State and federal prosecutors announced July 29 that they would not pursue criminal charges against deputies Brian Wood and Cody Roland.

Why a second document dump?

“These are materials that we found in the last couple days that are relevant to the investigation,” AG spokesman Todd Dvorak said. “We tried to get everything out quickly. In going through stuff, we discovered these.”

Dvorak said the documents were found in multiple locations, not one place. They include e-mail, letters and voicemail between the AG’s Office and other parties, including Idaho State Police, ICRMP and Yantis family attorneys.

Records released in late July showed that the deputies involved in the Yantis shooting had been disciplined for their actions in previous jobs, and one was fired.

The Yantis family has filed a tort claim against Adams County, Adams County Sheriff Ryan Zollman, Wood and Roland. They’re seeking $500,000 in damages, the maximum allowed under state law.

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