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Pet owner charged after dog bites Boise officer

The owner of a dog that bit a Boise Police Officer Friday was charged with three misdemeanors, according to BPD spokesperson Haley Williams.

Lawrence Miller, the dog’s owner, was charged with vicious dog violation, battery and disturbing the peace, Williams said in an email.

A BPD officer had responded to a report of a fight near the 2200 block of South Pond Street around 8:45 a.m. Friday. The officer attempted to break up a fight between two men, but was bitten by Miller’s dog in the process. The officer shot the dog three times, since the animal “posed an imminent danger to the officer and the citizens present,” according to a BPD press release.

The officer was sent to the hospital, was treated and is recovering. He is expected to return to work soon, Williams said.

The dog was treated and survived, according to Williams.