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2 contractors injured in electrical accident at Boise State

Two contractors, working in a stairwell in Boise State’s science building, were sent to the hospital Monday morning after being injured by a transformer, according to BSU spokesperson Kathleen Tuck.

The transformer also sparked a fire, but the two workers didn’t sustain life-threatening injuries in the electrical incident, according to Boise Fire Department.

The science and education buildings, which are connected, were both shut down after the incident Monday. The education building lost power, but its ventilation system is still functioning, Tuck said.

The education building suffered a flooding within the last year, but Tuck said that incident is unrelated to Monday’s accident in the Science building.

It’s not yet clear what caused the accident or what the contractors were working on specifically, Tuck said.

The identities of the injured workers have not been released.

This is a breaking news report. Check back for updates.

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