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TSA: Man who tried to carry ‘batarangs’ on plane at Boise Airport wasn’t cited

A 19-year-old man who was discovered last week to have throwing weapons in his carry-on luggage at the Boise Airport, including four “batarangs” — one of Batman’s weapons of choice — wasn’t cited, a Transportation Security Administration official said Wednesday.

The items were in checked luggage on a flight into Boise. The man, whose name has not been publicly released, got stopped by TSA officials when he tried to carry the bag onto a flight from Boise to Salt Lake.

“He forgot it was in his bag,” said Lori Dankers, a Seattle-based spokeswoman for the TSA. She said police weren’t notified about the incident.

She said people found to have prohibited items at security checkpoints have a few options. They can mail the items back to themselves, give them to a non-traveling family member or friend or forfeit it.

“He chose to abandon them,” Dankers said.

The items were highlighted in TSA’s blog among other dangerous or unusual items.

The term “batarang” is a combination of the words “bat” and “boomerang.” The bat-shaped throwing weapons were used by the comic book character Batman.

The batarangs found in the man’s luggage in Boise were definitely not toys.

“They have a razorblade sharp edge,” Dankers said.

Anyone who is unsure if something is permitted in carry-on luggage can check online at (just type in the name of the item).