Boise & Garden City

Boise circulator study price increases again

URS, the engineering firm studying a possible Downtown public transportation system, is set to make another $66,500 on the project.

The additional outlay, which the City Council is scheduled to vote on Tuesday, would bring URS’ total bill for the study to $505,241.

The city hired URS two years ago through a bid process. The company is charged with working out the technical details of possible routes, methods of transportation and other logistics. The original value of the contract was $375,741. Shortly afterward, the council approved an additional $63,000. Now, the company is asking for a second increase.

In 2009, shortly after Congress passed a federal stimulus, the city pitched an idea for a $65 million streetcar system. But the rush to put the plan together left little time for public input, and Boiseans loudly opposed it.

This time, the city has tried to make public and stakeholder input the centerpiece of planning for a Downtown transit system. Since 2013, Boise has hosted a series of meetings between local business and government leaders, as well as members of the public, to hash out a possible Downtown transit system.