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UPDATE: Initial testing shows no toxic chemicals in white powder found in envelope at ITD

The discovery of white powder in an envelope at the Idaho Transportation Department’s State Street offices disrupted the work day for many employees and brought Boise police and the Boise Fire Department’s hazmat team to the headquarters for several hours.

The material was reported just before noon, and employees inside the building were asked to stay where they were. Employees who were outside the building at the time were not allowed back in until about 3 p.m., ITD spokesman Vince Tromboli said.

The powder has not been identified, Trimboli said, but initial test results found “zero toxic chemicals.”

He referred questions about where the letter came from to Idaho State Police, who are investigating. No information from that investigation was immediately available.

The powder was found in a letter carried through the building’s third floor, Trimboli confirmed. Four employees who were exposed to the powder were tested, as was a fifth who was nearby, Trimboli said. None of the employees showed any adverse reaction, he said.

ITD Director Brian Ness issued a statement about 4:30 p.m. thanking emergency responders for their handling of the situation.

Last week, more than 20 sheriff’s offices in Oregon received suspicious letters from a Eugene man, The Oregonian reported. None of the letters tested positive for toxic substances. Investigators spoke to Lance T. Storm, 34, and later released him, saying they would pass information on to local prosecutors for consideration.

This is a breaking news report. Check back for further details as they are confirmed.