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Chipseal season in full swing in Ada County

Crews expect to finish this year's rotation of chipseal work by the end of August.

The work started June 11 in the southeastern area of Ada County. As of this week, more than 300 miles of lanes have been resurfaced.

Chipsealing is a multi-step process that puts a new surface on roads that are in disrepair or susceptible to damage. The process includes putting polymer-infused oil on the existing roadway, then packing gravel into it for a few days before coating the surface with another, thinner coat of oil.

Chipseal surfaces are hardy protections for existing streets and is far cheaper than replacing those streets.

Ada County Highway District, the agency that controls public roads throughout the county, divides its jurisdiction into six chipseal zones. Crews rotate zones every year so that roads in each area get new surfaces every six years. Follow this link for more information about the areas of the county being chipsealed this year.