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Boise Co-op faces its second lawsuit related to salmonella outbreak

The Boise Co-op is facing its second lawsuit after 200 reported cases of salmonella were linked to the store’s deli.

Francisco Pantoja, who lives in Payette County, filed a lawsuit Thursday and is represented by Russell Law Offices and Marler Clark Food Safety Law Firm. Both entities are already representing another plaintiff suing the Co-op, Judy Fisher.

According to the release, Pantoja ate a sandwich from the deli on June 4. The next day he experienced abdominal cramps, a fever, headache and diarrhea. Over the next couple of days his symptoms became worse and he became dehydrated. On June 7 he called his sister and asked her to take him to the emergency room. At the emergency room he was treated and diagnosed with salmonella, according to the release.

“Many deli and fast food restaurants are set up in such a way that they act as a breeding ground for these types of illnesses if the proper preventative measures are not taken. Hopefully the Boise Co-op has learned from their mistake and (will) take better precautions in the future,” said Bill Marler, partner in the Marler Clark firm, in a statement.