Boise & Garden City

Clay Carley eyes more Downtown Boise apartments

After years of rehabbing old buildings, developer Clay Carley said he wants to build some new stuff.

His new proposal is to put a five-story, 84-apartment building on the half-acre lot on the southwest corner of 5th and Idaho streets in Downtown Boise. The building would also have a floor of retail space, underground parking and a plaza that allows a clean view of the next-door Davies Reid Building's northwest side.

Carley cautioned not to read too much into the application he submitted May 26 to the city of Boise's Planning and Development Services. The plan might not come together, he said, and if it does, it might look a lot different than what he has envisioned now.

In the past year, with the economy improving, developers have proposed several major housing projects for Downtown Boise. The city government has set a goal of encouraging the construction of 1,000 new living units Downtown by 2019.