Boise & Garden City

Police: Teenager impaled with a pitchfork during altercation at Garden City church

A teenager stabbed another boy with a pitchfork while they were doing court ordered work in a Garden City church garden, according to Garden City Police Department.

The stabbing occurred around 1 p.m. while several juveniles were working in the Vineyard Christian Church garden at 4950 North Bradley Street, police said.

Two boys got into a verbal altercation that escalated when the younger of the two hit the older boy with a pitch fork. Three of the five tines on the tool got stuck in the older boy's upper body, police said.

The older boy was alert and conscious when personnel arrived but he was still transported to the hospital. The pitchfork had to be surgically removed, police said.

The younger boy was taken into custody and booked into the juvenile detention center with a charge for aggravated battery. He will face an arraignment on Tuesday, according to police.

The two boys involved in the incident were not identified because they were under 18, according to police.