Boise & Garden City

Boiseans: Seeing strange colors in your water? Could be because of flushing

United Water crews continued to flush the main water lines in Boise on Sunday, spokesman Mark Snider said Monday morning.

United Water, which supplies water to homes throughout the city, began its six-week spring flushing program in mid-April. The company took off a week in late April and resumed work Sunday. The flushing is scheduled to wrap up May 21, Snider said.

If you’ve seen some discoloration of water coming into your house, there’s a good chance it’s coming from sediments that have been stirred up in the flushing process. The most common sediments are iron and manganese, Snider said, and aren’t very dangerous.

“We just advise customers to run their cold water for a few minutes and it should clear,” he said.

Avoid washing clothes in the water until it clears up.

Snider said the sediments settle at the bottom of the main lines during the winter months, when people use less water, causing water to flow more slowly through the pipes. In the springtime, United Water flushes out the lines.

Call (208) 362-7334 for details on where flushing is taking place. More details and a map are available here.