Boise & Garden City

Medical marijuana advocates gather signatures for their cause

Medical marijuana advocates turned out Saturday in Downtown Boise to rally for their cause and gather signatures for a ballot initiative.

People dressed in green with leave-emblazoned signs gathered near Julia Davis Park. Cars driving by on Capitol Boulevard honked in support. Then they marched toward the capitol around 4:20 p.m., all while collecting signatures for their initiative.

The initiative would not just legalize medical marijuana. It would also decriminalize possession of 3 ounces or less and set up an industrial hemp program.

The backer of the initiative is New Approach Idaho, an organization that seeks to revamp Idaho's pot laws.

"There's a need for cannabis in Idaho," said Serra Frank, president of the organization. "Idaho wants a medical program."

The organization collected about 1,000 signatures for the initiative during the rally, Frank said.