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Boise City Hall plaza art, renovation project delayed

While construction of City Center Plaza on the Grove continues, buses will stop in front of City Hall on Capitol Boulevard.

The buses block access to City Hall Plaza, forcing the city to delay a renovation that includes new art by a team led by Boise artist Dwaine Carver, said Karen Bubb, the city of Boise’s public arts manager.

Seattle-based architecture firm GGLO estimated the larger plaza overhaul will cost between $2 million and $4.5 million, Bubb said. The city’s original budget for the project was $1 million.

The City Council “should vote this month on what they are willing to spend on the overall plaza design,” Bubb said. GGLO will base its final design on the budget the council sets.

The company and Carver’s team are expected to finalize the design by this fall, Bubb said. The city will solicit bids in the fall and winter, and construction should begin in the spring or summer of next year, she said.

The expected completion date is September 2016.