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Boise family living in Nepal gets support from the Treasure Valley community after earthquake

A family of former Boise residents living in Nepal are getting help coping with the recent earthquake from the Treasure Valley community.

Bijaya Pudasaini and her husband Yogendra Poudel ran Meridian's MoMo Food of the Himalayas. They had first opened the business in 2012. But they moved with their young daughter to Nepal to take care of family in November.

The family survived the quake and are safe, but now they're in need of financial help to get back on their feet, according to their friend Erin Thompson. Thompson met the family at a networking event, and they quickly became close.

After the earthquake Thompson set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the family.

"(Pudasaini) said they were out of their house and had to spend the night in some shelter on the street. A lot of their belongings were broken," Thompson said.

Over the weekend, the page raised more than $600.